OEMETOL 546 is a high performance machining oil based on synthetic ester oils. The product is suitable for the machining and forming processes of demanding materials. Outstanding lubricating performance due to selected EP-additives ensures minimum tool wear.


  • Free from heavy metals, zinc, and chlorine
  • Suitable for machining and forming processes
  • Especially suitable for the calibrating of sintered material
  • Outstanding lubricating performance results in low tool wear and increased machine productivity
  • Excellent residue characteristics
  • Very good flushing characteristics
  • Low viscosity


  • Applicationsunmixed as machining oil, Viscosity 4 mm²/s
  • Compatibility of materialsGrey Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Non-ferrous metals
  • Fields of applicationgrinding, honing, forming


Recommended applications


High dynamics requires very good foaming chracteristics. High flushing power ensures reliable swarf removal. Very good cooling effect prevents workpiece burning.