HYTAP CM is a high performance lubricant based on synthetic ester oils. The product achieves best results on all materials and applications. Due to the extremely high viscosity the product is particularly well suited for vertical machining operations. HYTAP CM does not drip-off or flow-off the cutting edge and is easily to remove with aqueous media. The special consistence ensures a simple use of the coolant. Just apply the product via a brush or dip the tool into the can.


  • Extreme high viscosity (creamy texture) 
  • Free from mineral oil, silicon und chlorinate
  • Broad application area (e.g. drilling, milling)
  • Suitable for demanding processes like tapping and thread moulding
  • Suitable for cast iron, steel, high-alloyed steel, aluminium, yellow metal, titanium and carbide
  • Excellent adhesion direct on the cutting edge
  • Outstanding lubricating performance results in reduced tool wear and increased machine productivity
  • Self emulsifying, easy to clean parts with aqueous media
  • Easy application: Simply apply directly on tool/ working area
  • Compatible to Oemeta coolants


  • Applicationsunmixed as cutting paste
  • Compatibility of materialsSuitable for Grey Cast Iron, Steel, high-alloyed Steel, Aluminium, Non-ferrous metals, Titanium, Hard metals
  • Fields of applicationbroad application area as drilling, milling as well as tapping and thread forming


Recommended applications


Very high lubricity and good application properties for demanding tapping and threading processes.