For the handling and maintenance of our products we offer a comprehensive equipment program from one source.


Proportioners can save you time, money and headache when used properly. They can eliminate time spent needed to calculate the correct mix, reduce overall usage from mixing mistakes, and many other problems associated with topping off and filling up a sump. The venturi styles are simple to use and inexpensive making them a great value for most shops. The volume displacement proportioners are extremely accurate and repeatable, never changing from pressure changes.



Tramp oils are a major cause of sump life issues and general cleanliness in the use of coolants. Removing the tramp oils can improve sump life, make for a cleaner machine and an overall better working environment. Oemeta offers two different options of skimmers for your specific skimming needs.

  • OEMETA SKIMMER 1 – Removes unwanted tramp oils, allowing for a cleaner machine and longer sump life
  • OEMETA SKIMMER 2 – Removes unwanted tramp oils, and separates them as well with a built in separation reservoir

Sump Vacuum

When it comes time to remove coolant for either recycling or disposal, our proper vacuum system will save time and effort. Oemeta offers a vacuum that is made specifically for the coolant maintenance needs. Built to handle the abuse of the shop environment and make the job simple and fast.

  • OEMETA VACUUM - A simple to use pneumatic vacuum that attaches to a normal drum. Able to fill a drum in under four minutes


Hand refractometers are used for quick and precise determination of the concentration of coolant emulsions. The refractive index of a specific liquid is determined by optical measurement with the refractometer.

Test Strips

For the monitoring and controlling of cutting fluids Oemeta offers the following test strips:

  • Nitrate-Strips
  • Nitrite-Strips
  • Total Hardness-Strips
  • pH-Strips
  • Test strips do determine the concentration of ADDITIV ET and BF concentration in HYCUT two-component emulsions

Determination of the Concentration of Water Solubilised Oils by Acidimetric Titration

The Oemeta Test Kit enables every user of water miscible cutting fluids to determine accurately and on the spot the concentration. This easy and low cost possibility of determining the concentration helps you to control your used emulsion /-solution. Only the optimum concentration for your special operation ensures excellent manufacturing results, economic efficiency and best health and safety conditions at the work place.

Oemeta Analytical Test Case

During usage, the coolant is subjected to permanent external influences. Impurities are carried in, e.g. hydraulic and glide way oils, salts, preservatives and waste substances. Coolant ingredients are dragged out by the chips. The Oemeta analytical test case contains the most important tools to determine changes in the overall system, thus necessary action can be taken. For this reason the case is an important aid for the coolant maintenance. For your individual questions or information requests concerning our products please mail to: products(at)